Monday, September 9, 2019

Safety Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Safety Management - Essay Example By carrying out a safety and healthy checkup in a given organization, they could become part of its daily running that would ultimately see to the creation of a better image for both the organization and its workers. In 1997, plant XYZ made a lot of losses that amounted from a high injury and illness case in the manufacturing company. In just a year, the company had a direct loss of nearly one million U. S dollars resulting from injury and illness alone. These losses greatly eat into the company’s profit, which ultimately lowers its profit margin every year. Thus, there is need for the company to reduce the injury and illness cases by fifty percent in order to increase its profits. A reduction in these cases would greatly increase the company’s profit margin by a minimum of two point five percent. At the same time, these safety systems would also benefit the workers in a great way. The illnesses, fatalities and injuries incurred at the workplace result in a lot of pain and suffering for both the workers and their families. They end up costing these families much of the money that they had worked so hard for. Thus, by putting in place these safety systems, both the company and its e mployees would be saving a lot of resources that they would otherwise use in nursing these injuries and illnesses. There are several crucial elements that should be taken into consideration in ensuring that an effective health and safety system is in place. The first element is management commitment in the system as well as employee involvement. The management of any given organization should be committed wholeheartedly to seeing the safety of its workers. Intervention by the management into these issues would reduce the severity of injuries gained at the workplace that would ultimately alleviate a lot of financial burdens for both the company and its workers. By becoming involved in this

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