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Equity in the Academic Labor Market

Equity in the Academic Labor Market Introduction The issue of equity in academic labor market has been already discussed by a number of people.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Equity in the Academic Labor Market specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The reasons of this investigation vary considerably: some researchers find it necessary to define the conditions under which academic disciplines may be considerably improved, some people want to introduce better conditions in a particular labor market, and in some investigations, the idea of gender and racial inequality turns out to be a rather significant question that has to be solved within a short period of time. During the last decade, several American researchers offer their ideas concerning the improvement of the conditions under which equity in academic labor market may be promoted, still, the analysis of academic disciplines shows that the necessary changes do not take place accordingly so tha t working conditions are improved. This is why it seems to be obligatory not to develop some new ideas and methods to solve the already defined problem but try to make use of the offered ideas and evaluate their effectiveness from a variety of perspectives. This is why the idea to use secondary research methods to investigate the equity in academic labor market and introduce the analysis of academic disciplines is considered to be powerful indeed. The evaluation of the already implemented hierarchical linear model (Umbach, 2007), certain analysis of academia population (Mayer Tikka, 2008), and attention to the data offered by the National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (Xu, 2007) will help to define the problems in academic labor market and propose the solutions which will be more appropriate to a particular population. Method and Design Description Taking into consideration the fact that the equity in the academic labor market has been already investigated by a number of researche rs, it is possible to rely on the secondary research method that aims at synthesizing and evaluating the already existing thoughts and material on the chosen topic. The data sources for the chosen method are considered to be the surveys offered by National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (NSOPF) and the articles where the required investigations are described.Advertising Looking for research paper on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The point is that gender inequality is the issue that bothers many people as female attempts to gain equity seem to be not comparable for women in each district of the USA as poor, less-educated women or the women of color cannot get an access to the gains which are available to white, rich, and properly educated women (Richardson Sandoval, 2007). The investigations of Umbach (2009) help to understand that market segmentation is considered to be an important aspect of sex differ ences which may be observed at the academic labor market because women have to work under poorer conditions characterized by lower prestige. The worth of the use of the hierarchical linear modeling has been already checked by such researchers like Umbach and Seifert (2007), this is why it is possible to focus on the same model to evaluate certain individual characteristics and their relation to academic salaries. In other words, some contextual effects which are inherent to academic disciplines and faculty salary equity will be taken into consideration (Umbach, 2007). Integration of the information from different sources will allow creating a clear background with the help of which the current diversity of academic people may be described. Equity in academia is regarded as unsolved issue, this is why any type of contribution to this sphere of life will become crucial. Strengths of the Chosen Method One of the powerful aspects of the chosen method is that certain attention is paid to the already identified problems and challenges. There is no need to conduct research to understand that is wrong with the academic disciplines and equity in the labor market. Several sufficient researchers have already admit that the number of women who may earn certification in the required education administration does not correspond to the national level, still, the results of the evaluation of the existing preparatory programs prove that women are more eager to gain knowledge in the academic sphere (Shakeshaft et al., 2007).Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Equity in the Academic Labor Market specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The results of their investigations prove that women do face certain problems in the labor market, and the identification of the reasons of why so many people cannot solve the problem help to understand why the chosen concept is still under discussions. One more strong aspect of the method and the design under consideration is connected to the status of American women on the world arena. Women have to be invited to the academic staff, still, the already introduced gender stereotypes and social conditions under which women have to enter the labor market are not as successful as meant to be. Finally, the last strength of the envisioned method is that the current achievements in analyzing information should help to gain better understanding of the material offered by the researchers mentioned above. Time factor plays a very important role as people get more opportunities to investigate their possibilities and their achievements in different spheres. This is why it is not only better to use the offered secondary research method and focus on the already introduced findings but also more appropriate to learn what is already offered to society and make use of the achievements. Appropriateness of the Design Research design offered in this project will help to hold all the findings together. It should show the way of how the main parts of the project should be organized and the conditions which should be created for the research. The analysis of up-to-date literature, identification of the weaknesses in the sphere under consideration, and implementation of new ideas should encourage the researchers to develop new ideas and introduce new solutions of the old problems. The point is that equity in the academic labor market has been already identified as a problem to be solved, and the analysis of academic disciplines as well as the role of gender and racial factors should be re-evaluated. Stromquist (2007) admits that â€Å"education is related positively to individual, community, and national benefits† from a pure human capital perspective (p. 33).Advertising Looking for research paper on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It seems rational to consider the reasons of why someone may think that the educational system is not perfect. Then, it is possible to underline the challenges possible in the academic labor market. And finally, it is necessary to use the already made achievements and the worth of the hierarchical linear model and apply this material to introduce some new ideas and suggestions on how the role of women as well as some other types of inequality should be solved in society. Weaknesses of the envisioned method and design In addition to the already identified strong aspects of the project, there is a list of weaknesses which have to be elaborated to achieve better results in the chosen investigation. Equity in the academic labor market and the analysis of academic disciplines should help to solve the problems because of which many people suffer nowadays. Unfortunately, it is not possible to implement the offered ideas in different countries, this is why such developed countries like the USA or China will get more chances to improve the conditions under which the labor market may be developed, and a number of developing countries fail to take the same steps. One more shortage of the chosen method is based on the lack of primary sources. On the one hand, it is beneficial to use the findings of professionals and be sure of their quality. On the other hand, the chosen method is not as powerful as it could be due to inabilities to make certain improvements during the analysis itself. There is a list of conditions which have to be taken into consideration, and there is no possibility to add some new components to the research. Justification of the Chosen Method and Design Alternative methods Among the existing variety of alternative methods which may be applied to investigate the chosen question, primary research such as interviews with the representatives of academic labor market or evaluation of the documents which describe difference academic disciplines and their pec uliarities. Still, such methods seem to be less desirable as certain findings have been already fixed but fewer positive achievements are defined. This is why it seems to be more appropriate to make use of the already gained material, consider the thoughts of professional researchers, and focus on equity that is so important in the academic labor market. Communication with direct representatives of the labor market as well as some empirical methods is possible, however, such methods require more time and efforts to be used. In addition, the choice of such alternative methods may promote some doubts on the ideas offered by Umbach or Mayer. Still, there are many people who support the ideas of these researchers, this is why it is more reasonable to make use of their suggestions and thoughts. Weakness of alternative methods The main weakness of the chosen alternative methods is inability to find appropriate evidences. It is possible to interview on group of people at the academic labor market, still, it is hard to prove that other representatives of the chosen labor market face the same challenges. A number of factors have to be taken into consideration, and it is challenging to create some new programs which promote the development of equity. This is why it is possible to use model programs and equitable assessment tools offered earlier (Nash et al., 2007) and pay more attention on the development of quality tools instead of searching some new aspects of old problems. The offered alternative methods have been already used in the middle of the 20th century. As soon as civil rights movement appeared in the middle of the 1960s (Toutkoushian, Bellas, Moore, 2007), people wanted to get to know why employers, who perform equal amounts of work, have to receive different salaries being the same representatives of the labor market. This is why the main weakness of the alternative methods – past experience proved that some problems may appear during the investigat ion of the chosen issue, and it is better to concentrate on the already got data and try to improve the conditions within a short period of time. Success of the offered methodology The success of the offered methodology is predetermined by several factors. First of all, it is easy to find powerful evidence of the chosen ideas. The support of such researchers like Umbach proves that the chosen way of analysis is beneficial indeed. Another important aspect of the research is the attention to HLM with the help of which it is possible to evaluate the role of human capital and certain structural characteristics of different disciplines. And finally, the offered ideas should help to improve the discipline outcomes and their role in the labor market. Statistical models are not integral nowadays as they do not introduce a clear and definite solution of the problem. And the chosen method and design should promote a new stage with the help of which it is possible to define the steps by means of which people will get a chance to achieve the required equity. Conclusion In general, the theme of equity in the academic labor market seems to be rather important and influential. In fact, the quality of life is defined by the conditions under which people get and give education. If some mistakes take place in the educational system, it is obligatory to eliminate them within a short period of time. However, a number of past investigations show that certain attempts and ideas are offered still cannot be elaborated accordingly. This is why it is necessary to take into consideration the already got data, evaluate the findings in the chosen sphere of life, and think about the improvements which may be done on the provided basis. There is no need to create some innovative approaches but focus on what is already offered and try to improve the academic market. The analysis of academic disciplines in the United States should be organized on the researches conducted from 2007 to 2009. Re ference List Mayer, A.J. Tikka, P.M. (2008, November). Family-friendly policies and gender bias in academia. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 30(4), 363-374. Nash, M.A., Klein, S.S., Bitters, B., Hobbs, S., Hotre, W.A., Shevtz., L., Wbarton, L. (2007). The role of government in advancing gender equity in education. In S.S. Klein (Eds.), Handbook for achieving gender equity through education (pp. 62-102). Mahwah: Routledge. Richardson, B. Sandoval, P. (2007). Impact of education on gender equity in employment and its outcomes. In S.S. Klein (Eds.), Handbook for achieving gender equity through education (pp. 43-58). Mahwah: Routledge. Seifert, T. Umach, P. (2008, June). The effects of faculty demographic characteristics and disciplinary context on dimensions of job satisfaction. Research in Higher Education, 49(4), 357-381. Shakeshaft, C., Brown, G., Irby, B.I., Grogan, M., Ballenger, J. (2007). Increasing gender equity in educational leadership. In S.S. Klein (E ds.), Handbook for achieving gender equity through education (pp. 103-130). Mahwah: Routledge. Stromquist, N. P. (2007). Gender equity education globally. In S.S. Klein (Eds.), Handbook for achieving gender equity through education (pp. 33-42). Mahwah: Routledge. Toutkoushian, R.K., Bellas, M.L., Moore, J.V. (2007, October). The interaction effects of gender, race, and marital status on faculty salaries. Journal of Higher Education, 78(5), p. 572-601. Umbach, P.D. (2007, March). Gender equity in the academic labor market: An analysis of academic disciplines. Research in Higher Education, 48(2), 169-192. Umbach, P.D. (2009, November). Sex segregation in academic labor markets and equity in faculty pay. Paper is published at the 34th Annual Conference of ASHE, Ralegh, NC, Xu, Y.J. (2007, May). Gender disparity in STEM disciplines: A study of faculty attrition and turnover intentions. Research in Higher Education, 49(7), 607-624.

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Armegeddon essays

Armegeddon essays There will come a time when all souls cannot escape from salvation. It is then, that because of this , the universe will ultimately collapse. Afterward all souls will be depressed again to live a lifetime where they have shackles forever. When a particular place in the universe has cooled life shall emerge, although it will be many years before This so describes the Hindu invision of the end of times in which the universe that includes everything is destroyed and then it is recreated again. It is important because many people believe Hinduism is responsible for the basis of other religions such as Buddhism, Sikkhism and Jainism which is clearly seen , as all three believe in many of the same theories such as reincarnation. For many of these people there is no true Armageddon only the repeat blooming and distraction of the universe by different types of gods. This makes me wonder if these people see Armageddon in such a different angle then conventional christians. How do the people of Confucianism , Marxism or any of the oriental religions perceive the end of The fact is, many of the so called religions out there do not have gods or prayer because there would be no need , rather they are only a philosophies on how people should live their lives . One example would be Confucianism which is predominately an Asian religion that started in the Chon Dynasty years 1122-897 B.C. The religion was founded by a man named Confucius who supported a project called the ritual music culture, that more or less was set up by the government of China to control the various tribes that inhabited the yellow river by giving them a culture that they all shared in common . This form of idealism unfortunately was rejected. The man named Confucius traveled all over China trying to persuade people to accept the ritual music culture , however some ...

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Immigration vs the NASW Code of Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Immigration vs the NASW Code of Ethics - Essay Example In essence, most of the professional fields have stipulated particular consequences in form of fines and penalties that should be imposed on anyone who does not adhere to the ethical conducts. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the social worker’s professional organization in the United States. However, not all workers belong to the NASW. The organization has stipulated principles and values that all members adhere. The enshrined values aim to promoting the social aspects within society. The NASW code of ethics advocates for equality and justice to all. However, the federal government’s current policy on immigration has remained the most controversial aspect that contravenes the tenets of the National Association of Social Workers. North America is known as the land of immigrants because unlike any other nation, it receives millions of immigrants annually, and this has labeled the United States as the melting Pot in the globe. The proposals such as Tax ation Laws, Prosecuting Illegal Immigrants, H4 visa Program and the H-1B Visa Program, put forward in the much-awaited amendment of the immigration policy contravene the basic values of a social worker’s perspective. However, proposals such as the Life Adjustment Program, Legalization of Undocumented Immigrants and W-visa Program promote the values of a social worker. ... This paper seeks to examine the core values and principles of NASW’s code of ethics and compare them to the 1986 immigration legislation and its current policies and procedures of enforcement. This comparison will guide a detailed discussion of what changes in policy should be included as the Congress contemplates new immigration legislation in relation to the social worker’s perspective. As point of departure, the illegal entry has taken place for a long time and indeed, during the 1986 amnesty, almost 12 million illegal immigrants were in the United States forming 5% of the entire work force (, 2013). This statistics indicates severe situation, since the statistics are overwhelming. This might have contributed to the stringent immigration policy, which the social worker’s perspective does not support. The issue of immigration is a national problem to the US government and an international challenge across other countries. A bill was passed in the U.S. known as Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986,and became a law, which made legal the hiring and recruitment of illegal immigrants† (, 2013). According to Goodman, (2013), comparison of this law with the NASW, evidences that, the law enshrines tough regulations that turned out to be inhuman. The NASW has fine ethical code of conduct that is contrary to the regulations of the Act. Other reforms made in the immigration policy in the past have consistently contradicted this code of conduct. Denial of certain rights to certain group of people is considered inhuman, since it violates the basic human rights. It will be a win situation for the members and proponents

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Homelessness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Homelessness - Essay Example I have found many people around me who forced to spend their final days of their lives in rescue homes even though they have enormous wealth. An old age couple who was staying near my home forced to transfer their lives to a near rescue home recently since they failed to get enough attention from their parents. These couple had huge wealth, but their children were working abroad. They failed to get enough protection from their children and finally forced to take shelter in a rescue home conducting by a charitable trust. In another case, I have seen a person forced to live in a rented house because of unemployment. The recent recession resulted in this person losing his job. He forced to sell his house in order to repay some of his debts and forced to shift to a small rented house with his wife and two children. Before recession itself, they were struggling to find their livelihood. When we analyze both the cases mentioned above, we can see that the homelessness problem is due to structural reasons rather than the individual reasons. Unemployment, poverty, lack of affordable housing, housing policies etc are some of the structural reasons commonly cited by many sociologists for homelessness (What causes homelessness?). But in the first case given above, we can see that the family set up forced the couple to take shelter in rescue homes. Kendall (2008) mentioned that people like to form groups to meet instrumental and expressive needs. Instrumental or task oriented needs cannot be met by one persona alone, so the group work cooperatively to fulfill the goal. Moreover small groups are better for all the members to acquaint well and to interact simultaneously (Kendall, p.151-152). The first case given above can be analyzed with respect to the above perspective. As per the current trends, people like to live in nuclear families, a family with husband, wife and one or two children. It is difficult for them to accommodate more

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New Emission Standards Essay Example for Free

New Emission Standards Essay One of the growing Threats to Harley Davidson’s reign of dominance in US markets has been a growing awareness of the environment. In response to this, the bar for emission standards is continuously raised. In 2010 model year or newer motorcycles emission standards for both HC + NOx were reduced from 1.4 prior to 2010 to just 0.8 after 2010 (US Government Printing Office. 2013). For at least 5 years now, there have been rumors circulating that Harley Davidson would abandon the traditional air cooled designs in favor of a new liquid cooled lineup in response to ever growing emission standards (Huze. 2011). If emission control standards continue to tighten, Harley Davidson may be forced to do exactly that. Procurement of Raw Materials Historically, Harley Davidson has relied on limited number of suppliers for raw materials to provide the components used in its manufacturing plants. In some cases, the entire company’s business is dependent on just one supplier to deliver certain raw materials in time. The lack of versatility in this area means that rising input costs could lead to capacity issues in the long run. Additionally, increasing costs for commodities could lead to capacity constraints, ultimately leading to lower production (Harley Davidson, Inc. 2012). Competitive Landscape Currently, Harley Davidson holds 56% of the market share for heavyweight motorcycles, defined as those motorcycles that displace more than 650cc. To some this may be an impenetrable advantage in the market, to other, a source of vulnerability (Taylor III, 2012). For years, Harley has been the undisputed king of the â€Å"bad boys†, but in recent years up and coming companies such as Polaris are trying to muscle in to the motorcycle arena. Polaris, a company known for its snow mobiles has only recently begun selling motorcycles 14 years ago (Taylor III, 2012). Polaris has shown that it understands what its buyers want and has demonstrated success in achieving higher sales through its colorful names such as Victory, 8-Ball, and Jackpot lineup. With aggressive pricing strategies and comparable quality, Polaris has quickly passed foreign competitors such as Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki and is now setting its eyes on Harley Davidson after its recent acquisition of Indian. Harley Davidson – Opportunities (O) Global Expansion In response to declining domestic sales, Harley Davidson has decided to expand its global presence in China and India. In 1995 Harley Davidson entered the Hong Kong market, opening its first mainland China office just 10 years later in 2005 (Miller. 2012). Currently, Harley has 8 full service dealerships in china and have plans to open an additional 5 more within the next 5 years. Harley’s biggest challenges have been the understanding of foreign markets. In China for example, the motorcycle market was riddled with low cost economic alternatives for daily transportation. The average engine size ranges anywhere from just 50cc to 600c. With some of Harley’s heavyweights tipping the scales in the range of 800c to 1600cc beasts, the concept of heavyweight leisure riding was simply not understood yet in foreign markets. Harley would have to start from the ground up if it wants to succeed. Today, Harley has succeeded in growing its international presence in over 70 countries across the globe. Although growth into international markets has been substantial, there is still significant room for further expansion (Miller. 2012). New Product Launches Another area of opportunity for Harley Davidson lies in the arena of launching new products. In 2014 Harley expects to launch eight new models, a record number of new models within the same year. Harley realized that with the baby boomer generation coming to a close, younger audiences will demand new and innovative products. The company, now in its 110th year of operation, has launched a customer driven product development program dubbed â€Å"Project Rushmore† in hopes of succeeding in understanding what design elements are appreciated more by younger buyers ( 2013). If they succeed, Harley could feasibly further expand its market share in both US and international markets significantly. Restructuring Plans The Milwaukee based motorcycle maker has succeeded in keeping its full-year shipment forecast intact despite signs of weakness in dealer sales in several markets (Reuters. 2013). In response to this, Harley Davidson has acknowledged the need to restructure the company into a leaner and more cost efficient beast if it is to maintain its market share and keep pace with the competition. Harley hopes to reduce the number of defaults on their loans, improve the company’s cash flows, and improve its liquidation strategy by having at least 12 months of projected liquidity in cash reserves. The company has set an ambitious goal to continue to widen its gross margin figures by nearly a full two percent in 2013 (Reuters. 2013). Harley Recognized that declining retail sales figures could no longer be simply shrugged off as weather related anomalies but were rather a generational decline of the number of loyal riders in the market. This suggests that younger rider’s between the ages of 18-34 are quickly becoming a significant portion of the market. Harley would need to restructure its operations in order to meet the demands of these new riders and develop both a strategy and a product that would appeal to them. Harley Davidson – Weakness (W) Product Recall Issues In late 2011, Harley Davidson recalled more than 300,000 motorcycles to fix a switch problem that presented a safety issue. The switch prevented the brake lights from coming on and could potentially cause the brakes themselves to fail as well (Associated Press. 2011). The defect has already caused at least one crash. As a result, the US Securities and Exchange Commission indicated that they expect that this recall will cost Harley anywhere from 10 to 12 Million Dollars. This coupled with another recall in 2012 for a faulty voltage regulator that affected an estimated 100,000 owners suggests that recalls are costing Harley a sizable chunk of their annual budget. Defects reasons have been tracked back to supplier quality issues arising in the manufacturing production chain. Dependence of Domestic Market Harley Davidson has recently celebrated its 110th year of business within the US. From its onset, it was clear that Harley’s target market was first and foremost the US markets. Much of Harley’s success has stemmed from targeting the baby boomer generation and appealing to big open spaces, the idea of freedom, and the feeling of exclusivity and belonging. Although business has steadily increased for Harley over the past century, it is clear that change is on the horizon. Harley’s competition is ever more aware of foreign markets and consistently devising entry strategies to further expand global market share (Burkey, 2009). Simply put, Harley has been lagging in this area. Harley’s flagship motorcycles carry a significantly higher price tag than foreign competing models making them appealing only to small elite group of riders that can afford the expense. Harley Davidson – Strengths (S) Brand Image Few people cannot instantly recognize the Harley Davidson brand. For over a century now, Harley Davidson has built a positive brand image by targeting a wide range of individuals. Harley Davidson has been continuously ranked among the top global brands in the world, holds over half of the heavyweight motorcycle market share in the US, and is ranked either first or second in the heavyweight motorcycle segment in at least nine countries across Europe (Harley Davidson, Inc. 2012). Historically, Harley Davidson has historically appealed to wide predominantly male audience ranging in ages from early 30s to late 50s. Recently, Harley Davidson has decided to further expand the brand by beginning successful marketing campaigns targeted at an audience of women. With the majority of its ads targeting a relatively specific group of individuals, Harley-Davidson has been able to build a community of enthusiasts around its brand that includes members from very diverse groups, and with almost no advertising. How does the king of heavyweight motorcycling keep its fans so loyal? It gives them a reason to belong (Rifkin. 1997). The symbolism of â€Å"belonging† is a powerful one reinforced by images of riding as part of a pack on the open road. This is further reinforced by a strong positive brand image that individuals frequently associate with superior quality and prestige of ownership. Broad Product and Service Portfolio One of Harley Davidson’s greatest strengths has been a long history of maintaining a broad product and service portfolio. Harley Davidson leverages its premium pricing model supported by a superior quality of its product line up ranging from an extensive line up of heavyweight, touring, custom, and performance motorcycles. Harley Davidson has also been able to successfully keep its owners engaged in personalizing and modifying their motorcycles by offering an extensive catalogue of parts and customization options. When you add the reliability of a two year warranty, and consider the superior level of service afforded to its owners, it is no wonder that Harley Davidson has been able to maintain the upper hand on its competition for so many years. The financial unit of the company has been successful in reducing the percentage of defaults and losses on its in house loans. While the annualized loss experienced on its managed retail motorcycle loans has come down from 1.58% to 1% in the last quarter, the retail 30+ day delinquencies on managed loans has come down from 3.68% to 2.56% (Trefis Team. 2012). Focused Research Harley Davidson continues to dominate market share in the United States commanding over 60% market share for the domestic market. Although Harley Davidson’s targeting of the youth market remains a subject of contention, their strategy remains crystal clear; to keep baby boomers in the saddle for as long as possible (Madson, 2013). To achieve this, Harley Davidson is exploring some concepts that may appeal to aging baby boomers such as a three wheeled Penster concept. The Trike concept has gained remarkable traction over the past few years and Harley Davidson has certainly taken notice. Harley Davidson Strengths and Opportunities (SO) Harley Davidson’s offensive strategy should focus on leveraging the company’s strengths such as its strong brand image and focused research and development to capitalize on opportunities such as further penetration into foreign markets. Harley Davidson is uniquely positioned with a globally recognized brand. This is a monumental advantage when comparing it to penetration strategies from relatively new motorcycle companies such as Polaris. Harley can utilize its strong focused research and development to study foreign market demands and develop a line of products to specifically appeal to that market. This would further help Harley in overcoming another one of its areas of opportunity around new product launches. Recently, Harley Davidson has shown significant progress in their expansion to the Chinese marketplace. Harley projects that within the next five years growing Chinese demand will support the opening of an additional 5 dealerships overseas (Miller. 2012). Growing global demand is proof that not only would this be a good business decision, but it is the necessary next step if Harley expects to keep up with its competition. Harley Davidson Strengths and Threats (ST) Harley Davidson faces some significant threats to its business in the form of changing emission standards for motorcycles, and an ever growing competitive landscape. Emission controls continue to tighten on a global scale making Harleys century long approach to air cooled engines all but obsolete (Huze. 2011). Furthermore, Harley faces some competitive threats from new entrants to the market like Polaris who are actively seeking to tap into Harley’s heavyweight motorcycle market share. Harley Davidson needs to develop a defensive strategy focusing on areas of strength such as focused research and development and broad product and service portfolio to ensure they overcome these threats. One solution would be a proactive approach to changing emission standards. Harley has been toying with the idea of introducing a lineup of liquid cooled motorcycles that would dramatically reduce their ecological footprint (Huze. 2011). Harley Davidson’s superior focused RD would have little issue with finding a way to adapt this new engine to existing models. Furthermore, the infrastructure for servicing these new engines, making adjustments, and maintaining them is already in place with is significant network of service centers around the globe. In doing so, they would not only be ready for any emission control changes that they may face in the future, but also be more competitive across product lines. Harley Davidson Weaknesses and Opportunities (WO) In recent years, Harley Davidson has literally spent millions of dollars dealing with significant recalls and associated issues (Associated Press. 2011). Most notably, two significant recalls that affected a total of more than 600,000 motorcycles over two years. Outside of the obvious cost associated with correcting the issue which is estimated to cost over 20MM over the course of 2009 and 2010, Harley Davidson is exposed to additional legal risk from possible accidents resulting from these defects (Associated Press. 2011). Harley has traced the source of the problem back to defects associated with its parts suppliers. This suggests the need for an improved quality control process prior to using the parts in production. Although this may present an additional cost initially, the reduction from costs associated with recalls off of Harley Davidson’s bottom line would be much more significant. Harley Davidson has already experienced success in its restructuring plans. The addition of inspection points could be seamlessly implemented with minimal impact to its existing business (Reuters. 2013). This would increase the chances of catching defects on parts prior to the parts being shipped to manufacturing. As a result, Harley would experience a reduction in the number of recalls in the coming years. Harley Davidson Weaknesses and Threats (WT) The combination of existing weaknesses to Harley Davidson’s business and the presence of potential threats in the market could potentially spell disaster. Harley should develop a strategy around minimizing their exposure to weakness and the avoidance of existing threats. Harley can achieve this by outsourcing the procurement of raw materials to a larger number of overseas suppliers while being supervised by in-house Harley Davidson quality control specialists to ensure a sustained level of quality of their products (Burkey. 2009). This would help to avoid one of Harley’s largest weaknesses, product recalls, as well as dramatically improve the availability of raw materials minimizing the impact that one single supplier could potentially have on their business (Taylor III. 2012). Furthermore, the fewer amount of recalls and the overall improved degree of quality would bolster the already strong Harley Davidson brand, improving its position in the competitive marketplace (Rifkin. 1997). Citations Associated Press. (Oct. 2011). Harley Recalls About 308,000 Motorcycles For Break Issue. USA Today / Money. Retrieved from: 4/harley-davidson-brakes-recall/50890560/1 on September 18, 2013. Burkey, Brent. (Oct 2009). Harley-Davidson Time for the tough decisions A plan to restructure core local Harley operations is in the hands of the company.York Daily Record. P4. Harley Davidson, Inc. (Aug 2012). Harley-Davidson, Inc. Financial and Strategic Analysis Review. Global Data. P1-3. Harley Davidson, Inc. (Jun 2012). SWOT Analysis. Company Report. P1-9. P9. Huze, Cyril. (Jun 2011). 2012 Harley-Davidson Liquid Cooled Engines. Cyril Huze Post. Retrieved from: on September 17, 2013. Madson, Bart. (Feb. 2013). H-D RD Product Development Center. Retrieved from: on September 18, 2013. Miller, Paula M. (Jan-Mar 2012). Harley Davidson in China. China Business Review. P41-43. PR Newswire. (Jul 2013). Harley Davidson Post Second-Quarter 2013 Earnings, Revenue and Retail Sales Growth. Regional Business News. P.16. Reuters. (2013). Harley Earnings On Target As Restructuring Pays Off. Chicago Business Tribune. Retrieved from: on September 17, 2013. Rifkin, Glenn. (Oct. 1997). How Harley Davidson Revs Its Brand. Strategy + Business. Retrieved from: on September 17, 2013. Taylor III, Alex. (Oct. 2012). The Hurdles At Harley Davidson. Motorworld. Retrieved from: on September 17, 2013. Trefis Team. (May. 2012). Harley Davidson Rides To $59 As Growth Hits On All Cylinders. Forbes Magazine. Retrieved from: on September 17, 2013.

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Human Rights In Tibet :: Human Rights Essays

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In 1949, newly communist China sent 35,000 troops to invade Tibet (Tibet Support Group UK 1). The year after that a treaty was made. The treaty acknowledged sovereignty over Tibet, but recognized the Tibetan government’s autonomy with respect to internal affairs. The Chinese violated the treaty on many occasions, though. This lead to the National Uprising in 1959, and after that, the exile of the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibet, and many governmental leaders (Office of Tibet 1).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  During and after the Chinese invasion of Tibet, there was mass destruction of Tibetan buildings. Over 6,000 monasteries, temples and other cultural and historic buildings were destroyed. The contents of the thousands of buildings destroyed was taken back to China and sold (Office of Tibet 3). The Tibetan people tried to rebuild their country, but the political leader who tried to start the â€Å"recuperation† policy was forced to resign from office shortly after (Office of Tibet 2).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  During the National Uprising alone 87,000 Tibetans were killed. Another 430,000 died in the fifteen years of guerilla warfare that followed. Sources also say that up to 260,000 have died in prisons and in labour camps (Tibet Support Group UK 3). Also, 200 unarmed civilians were killed during non-violent protests between 1987 and 1989. Overall 1,200,000 Tibetans have died since 1959. That is roughly one fifth of the population of Tibet (Office of Tibet 1). That does not include all of the deaths of Tibetans during the Chinese invasion, and all of those who froze to death trying to flee Tibet.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Tibetan people who survived the killing were denied what most consider primal freedoms. One of which is freedom of religion. Tibetan religious practice was forcibly suppressed until 1979 (Tibet Support Group UK 4). Also, in early 1989, Chinese authorities undertook a campaign to tighten control over religious practice. This campaign intensified the crackdown on the pro-democracy movement (Churchward 1). The campaign affected Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, and Buddhists. Another religious suppression on the part of the Chinese is that they have banned public celebrations of Tibet’s Great Prayer Festival because China believed that it would lead to nationalist demonstrations (Churchward 2). Now all Tibetan churches, mosques, and temples must be registered, and to do so, they must meet official standards (Churchward 1). Also, the only people permitted to perform religious duties, according to Document #19, are those who after examination are deemed †Å"politically reliable, patriotic, and law-abiding† (Churchward 3).

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12 Principles

There are 12 basic principles to Information Security. The first principle is that there is no such thing as absolute security. What this means is that with the correct tolls, skills and time anyone can hack into a system. The second principle are the three security goals, which are C. I. A; Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. What this means is that everyone must consider what data they want to be protected.It also means that one must be sure as to whom they want to access this information and when they should access this information. The third principle is when a company is protecting their data with armed guards, cameras, safes and secured passwords. This principle is called Defense In Depth. The fourth principle is when people are left alone they tend to make the worst decisions. Function and Requirements is the fifth principle for information security.Function details what the system should be doing and the assurance requirements describe how the functions should be imp lemented. The following two questions should be asked when this principle comes into play; does the system do the right thing? Does the system do the right things and in the right way. The sixth principle is that Security through Obscurity is Not an Answer. This principle simply means that if you believe that hiding information can prevent hackers from hacking into your system then you are mistaken.By misleading anyone into a sense of false security is more detrimental than anything. Risk Management is the seventh principle. Its’ simple to understand this principle, what is the consequence of this loss and would this loss occur again. The eight principles are preventative, detective and responsive controls. Take the steps to detect the threat, prevent it and lastly respond while the threat is occurring or after. What this means is that it will detect the threat, try to prevent the threat from happening.Complexity is The Enemy of Security is the ninth principle, this means tha t the more interfacing with programs the more difficult it becomes to protect the data. The tenth principle is that fear, uncertainty and doubt do not when trying to use scare tactics when selling products for security. No one will by products if they feel they are extremely scared. Now a days companies want to know what they are purchasing and why they should be so fearful. The eleventh principle is that people, process, and technology are all needed to adequately secure a system or facility.This means that in order for everything to work correctly we should not base all operation solely off of technology but on the people in takes to run and process the information. This process helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The last principle is Open disclosures of Vulnerabilities is Good for Security, which means that by letting everyone know what can be hacked into can let the companies know what measures need to be taken to ensure that it does not happen again. If it were clos ed off to the world then problems that arise would never be fixed or maintained.

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The History Of Medical Compromised Health And Social Care Essay

Correct Answer: Choice A is, harmonizing to wikpedia, symptoms are subjective ailments of the patient such as concern, giddiness, or hurting, normally non subjective to verification by the tester, doctor, tooth doctor, or other healthcare professional. Answer choices B to D are marks. Referemce: hypertext transfer protocol: // 2. Which of the followers is the most of import during an initial patient rating? Critical SignsEstablishing RapportSexual History Chief Ailment Correct Answer: pick B, during an initial patient interaction with a clinician it is imperative to set up respectable resonance that will let the patient to supply inside informations about their medical history that ca n't establish in graphs or scrutinies. Choices A C and D will ne'er happen without the trust of the doctor.Reference: Eval/Risk Assessment Dr. G. Davis An otherwise healthy patient who smokes half a battalion of coffin nails a twenty-four hours has which ASA categorization? ASA IASAIIASA III ASA IV Correct Answer: Choice B, ASA II is a patient with a mild systemic disease. For case: tobacco users, minimum imbibing, pregnant, fleshiness, good controlled high blood pressure, and minor lung disease. ASA I are healthy non-smokers or minimum drinkers. ASA III are patients with terrible systemic disease non disabling ; for illustration, diabetes, ill controlled high blood pressure, and distant history of myocardial infarction. ASA IV are patient with terrible systemic disease that is a changeless menace to life. Mention: American Society of Anesthesiology. hypertext transfer protocol: // After sing your patient ‘s bird's-eye radiogram, you discover and diagnose the presence of calcified atheromas in her carotid arterias. What measure should you take following? Continue with dental intervention because there is no demand to be concernedMention the patient to her primary attention doctorAgenda to hold the atheromas removed by an unwritten sawbones Ignore the find because it is beyond your range of preparation Correct Answer: Choice B, if a clinician notices oppositive findings that could be endangering to the patient ‘s life they are to instantly mention the patient to their primary attention doctor. Choices A, C and D could take to a unfavourable result for either the clinician or patient. Mention: Evaluation & A ; Risk Assessment slide 14 Dr. Davis In which of the undermentioned classs should a patient ‘s main ailment be written?SubjectiveAim Appraisal Planned Correct Answer: Choice A, the subjective part of a SOAP note explains the patient ‘s main ailment. Objective part of a SOAP note is for critical marks, medicine, and other marks observed by the clinician. Assessment is for the clinician diagnosing. Plan is for intervention done during the assignment and any future intervention scheduled. Mention: Evaluation & A ; Risk Assessment slide 18 Dr. G Davis Which of the undermentioned conditions do NOT necessitate antibiotic prophylaxis? Artificial bosom valvesMitral Valve StenosisCongenital bosom defects Hip replacing six months ago Correct Answer: B, Mitral valve stricture. Cardiovascular conditions associated with the highest hazard of inauspicious result from endocarditis for which prophylaxis with dental processs is recommended harmonizing to the American Heart Association. Prosthetic Cardiac Valve, # 2 Previous Infective Endocarditis # 3 Congenital Heart Disease, Cardiac Transplantation, Dental Management of the Medically compromised patient, page 28, BOX 2-1. Mitral valve Stenosis is NOT one of these Conditionss Which of the undermentioned agents is used to pull off a patient with an overdose of Coumadin? NaloxoneAqua MephytonDisulfiram Naltrexone Correct Answer: Choice B is used to handle Coumadin overdose. Choice A is wrong because is used to change by reversal the effects of respiratory depression overdose. Choice C is used for intoxicant overdose and pick D, Naltrexone has similar consequence to Narcan, in that is It is used for handling chronic alcohol addiction and for rapid opioid detoxification. Lippincott ‘s Illustrated Reviews ; Pharmacology 3rd edition. Which of the undermentioned represents an ideal thrombocyte counts? 50,000 100,000300,000500,000 Correct Answer: Choice C, normal thrombocyte counts is 150,000- 400,000. Mention: chmaier AH. Laboratory rating of styptic and thrombotic upsets. In: Hoffman R, Benz EJ Jr, Shattil SJ, et Al, explosive detection systems. Hoffman Hematology: Basic Principles and Practice. 5th erectile dysfunction. Philadelphia, Pa: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier ; 2008: fellow 122. What is the INR of a normal healthy patient? 012 3 4 Mention: Dr. Davis said this in a talk. Which of the undermentioned drugs will ensue in respiratory depression during an overdose? BenzodiazepinesBarbituratesNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory Albuterol Correct Answer: Choice B, Barbiturates suppress the hypoxic and chemoreceptor response to CO2 and overdose is followed by respiratory depression and decease. Mention: A Miller LG, Deutsch SI, Greenblatt DJ, Paul SM, Shader RI ( 1988 ) . â€Å" Acute barbiturate disposal increases benzodiazepine receptor binding in vivo † .Psychopharmacology ( Berl. ) A 96A ( 3 ) : 385-90. What is another name for rapid external respiration?TachypneaDiaphoretic Tachycardia Ptyalism Correct Answer: Choice A, harmonizing to wikipedia, from the Greek dictionary tachy means rapid and pena agencies take a breathing. The wrong picks, sudorific: inordinate perspiration. Tachycardia: Increase Heart Rate, ptyalism: extra spit. Mention: Wikipedia subscribers. â€Å" Diaphoresis. † Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 8 Jan. 2013. Web. 7 Feb. 2013. Which of the undermentioned represents a symptom of active TB infection?Night SweatsXerostomia Malena Atelectasis Correct Answer: Choice A, stated in category text book: Dental Management of the Medically Compromised Patient, page 117. Choice B, Xerostomia is common among autoimmune, such as Sjorgen. Choice C, refers the show of fecal matters due to GI shed blooding. Atelectasis is the prostration of the lungs due to hapless wetting agent or squamous cell carcinoma. Refrence: hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // # Causes and hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the followers has a normal scope which last between eleven and sixteen seconds?Prothrombin TimePartial Thromboplastin Time Bleeding Time All above Correct Answers: Choice A, the normal PT clip is 11-15. Choice B, PTT clip is 20-35 seconds and hemorrhage clip if from 2-7 proceedingss. Which of the undermentioned conditions are you 3 % likely to contract by a needle stick? Hepatitis DHepatitis CHepatitis B Hiv Correct Answers: Choice B Hepatitis C is contracted # % by needle sticks. The wrong replies of hepatitis B and HIV per centums are 30 % and.3 % severally. Mention: As stated in category: Class Discussion, Dr. Davis. Which of the following values represent a normal healthy scope for HbA1c?4 %6.5 % 7 % 10 % Correct Answer: Choice A, a normal HbA1c 4 % -5.9 % . Mention: Wikipedia subscribers. â€Å" Glycated haemoglobin. † Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 29 Jan. 2013. Web. 7 Feb. 2013. Which of the undermentioned conditions will NOT take to nephritic failure? Systemic lupus erythematosusBrown ‘s Tumor of hyperparathyroidismGlomerulonephritis High blood pressure Correct Answer: Choice B, Brown ‘s Tumor is a status associated with nephritic failure, nevertheless it does non take to it. Mention: Dental Management of the Medically Compromise Patient, page 181 What is the term to a transplant from an indistinguishable twin? Autograft HomograftIsograftHeterograft Correct Answer Choice C ; isograft is a transplant of tissue between two persons who are genetically indistinguishable. An autoplasty is the organ transplant of variety meats, tissues or even proteins from one portion of the organic structure to another in the same person. A allograft is the organ transplant of cells, tissues, or variety meats, to a receiver from a genetically non-identical giver of the same species. A heterograft is the organ transplant of life cells, tissues or variety meats from one species to another. Mention: Wikipedia. hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the undermentioned represent a common side consequence of the drug Rifadin? Addictive belongingssRed pissDecrease Oxygen impregnation Blurred vision Correct Answer: Choice B is right. Rifampin is an intensely ruddy solid, and the little fraction which reaches organic structure fluids is known for leaving a harmless red-orange colour to the piss ( and to a lesser extent, besides perspiration and cryings ) of users, for a few hours after a dosage. Mention: Wikipedia. hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the undermentioned statements should a clinician support in head when utilizing a pulsation oximeter? The usage of pulse oximeters exposes patients to extra radiation Pulse oximeters should non be used on dialysis patientsPulse oximeter reading have a delayed feedbackNever topographic point a pulse oximeter on the patient ‘s index finger Correct reply: C, The pulsation oximeter reading has a delayed feedback due to the signal averaging. There is a hold after a the existent O impregnation starts to drop. Choices A and B are non true. Choice D is the non replying the inquiry but is true statement. Mention: Downs JB, Schweiger JW, Miguel RV, Smith RA. Supplemental O impairs sensing of hypoventilation by pulse oximetry. Chest 2004 ; 126:1552-8 Scrofula is a status caused by which of the following beings?Mycobacteria TBStaphylococcus Aureus Mycoplasma Pneumonia Candida Albicas Correct reply: A, Scrofula in grownups is most frequently caused by Mycobacterium TB, which is contracted by take a breathing in air that is infected by M. TB. Choice B, S.aureus is related osteomyelitis, bacteriemia or TSS. Choice, C M. pneumonia is known to do pneumonia. Choice D, Candida Albicans is a commensal fungi apart of the normal vegetation ; nevertheless, higher colonisation exist in HIV patients. Mention: Werrett, Simon. â€Å" Mending the Nation ‘s Wounds: Royal Ritual and Experimental Philosophy in Restoration England. â€Å" History of ScienceA 38 ( 2000 ) : 377-99. Which of the followers is likely to happen in patients with struma? Enlarged salivary secretory organsCervical lymphadenopathyCongenital sightlessness Premature loss of dentitions Correct Answer: B, Cervical lymphadenopathy is the most common mark that appears in patients enduring from struma ; in add-on, struma is accompanied by febrilities, weight loss and icinesss. Choice A, enlarged salivary secretory organs, occurs in Sjogrens syndrome. Choice C, Congenital sightlessness occurs in inborn German measles syndrome. Choice D, premature loss of teeth occurs normally due to trauma. Mention: Werrett, Simon. â€Å" Mending the Nation ‘s Wounds: Royal Ritual and Experimental Philosophy in Restoration England. â€Å" History of ScienceA 38 ( 2000 ) : 377-99. What per centum of O is in the ambiance? 15 % 18 %21 %24 % 30 % Correct Answer: C, 21 % Cook & A ; Lauer 1968, p.500 How frequently should breaths be given when executing CPR? Equally frequently as possible After every 60 secondsAfter 30 thorax compactionsAfter 10 thorax compresssions Correct Answer: After 30 thorax compactions, when preforming CPR the pathophysiologic thought is to manually pump oxygenated blood and maintain cardiac end product to of import variety meats. When take a breathing into the victim, this is a signifier of supplying unreal respiration. Choice A is wrong because CPR consist of jumping rhythms of compactions and breaths, therefore breaths can non be given every bit frequently as possible. Choice B, After every 60 seconds, is wrong, In a CPR 60 2nd interval a first respondent should hold given 100 compactions. Choice D of 10 compactions is the incorrect figure. Mentions: â€Å" Highlights of the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC † ( pdf ) .A American Heart Association. How should patient holding a laryngospasm be managed? Epinephrine admistrationProvide positive air force per unit areaSupply an inhalator Stand clear until the individual settles down Correct Answer: B, The direction of a laryngospasm consists of supplying positive air force per unit area ( PAP ) . Laryngospasms are a prolong musculus contraction of the laryngeal cords, because the episode typically last less than 60 seconds, a PAP airing is usefully in similar ague respiratory failure. Choice A of adrenaline is merely used during laryngospasm due to vocal cord hydrops. Choice C, provides an inhalator, is wrong because most inhalators block the beta-2 receptor and therefore take to bronchoconstriction. Choice D, stand clear until the individual settles down is ne'er the right pick. Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // What measurings are captured when utilizing a sphygmomanometer? Respiratory volume Temperature Oxygen ImpregnationBlood PressureCorrect Answer: D, Sphygmomanometer is used to mensurate blood force per unit area. The turnup is placed on the upper arm at the same tallness as the bosom. Cuff sizes are besides of import, excessively little a cuff consequences in high force per unit area & A ; excessively big a turnup consequences in excessively low a force per unit area. Respiratory volumes are measured spirometer, Temperature is measured utilizing a thermometer and O impregnation is measured utilizing a pulse oximeter. Mention: A Misrin, J.A † Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: A Battle for Safer Blood Pressure Apparatus † . Retrieved 27 February 2012. Which of the undermentioned blood force per unit area reading represents the ideal definition of a individual with phase one high blood pressure?142/96mmHg125/94mmHg 165/91mmHg 119/79mmHg Correct Answer: A, 142/96 mmHg harmonizing to the, phase one high blood pressure is classified by a systole reading that lies between 140-159 and a diastole reading of 90-99. Choice B, 125/94mmHg is a reading that is classified as pre-hypertension. Choice C, 165/91mmHg is classified is stage 2 high blood pressure and Choice D. 119/79 is normal. Which of the undermentioned represents the lowest reading of a patient at hazard for cardiovascular disease? 120/80mmHg 117/76mmHg115/75mmHg125/85mmHg Correct Answer: Harmonizing to the Mayo Clinic and Dental Management of the Medically Compromise Patient, chapter 27. Which of the followers is NOT a symptom of high blood pressure? DizzinessNauseaConcern Tinnitus Correct Answer: Nausea, is the lone symptom among the list that is non experience by patients with high blood pressure harmonizing to hypertext transfer protocol: // and Dental Management of the Medically Compromise Patient, page 40. Which of the followers may ensue of two carpules of 2 % lidocaine 1:100,000 adrenaline were accidently injected via IV to a patient taking propranolol? Elevated blood force per unit area and tachycardiaElevated blood force per unit area and compensatory bradycardiaDecreased blood and tachycardia Decreased blood and compensatory bradycardia Correct Answer: Choice B, elevated blood force per unit area and compensatory bradycardia would happen and take to cardiovascular prostration & A ; cardiac apprehension. Choice C & A ; D are the opposite effects that would happen. Choice A is wrong because the compensatory reaction of tachycardia is wrong. What is the approximative per centum of the United States citizens with high blood force per unit area? 15 % 25 %33 %40 % 50 % Correct Answer: Choice C, 33 % is the right reply harmonizing the Where is lidocaine metabolized?KidneyBone Lungs Blood watercourse Correct Answer: Choice A, stated by Dr. Davis in category During which of the undermentioned alveolar consonant processs is it recommended to supply antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with non-valvular cardiovascular devices? Multiple extractionsIncision and drainageEveryday dentition cleansing While mensurating examining deepnesss Correct Answer: Choice B, Harmonizing to Dental Management of the Medically Compromise Patient, page 34. Choice A, C & A ; D where non recommended. Patients who have received a nephritic graft are likely to hold gingival hyperplasia due to which of the followers?CyclosporineDiphenylhydantoin Amlodipine Diphenylhydantoin Correct Answer: Choice A, cyclosporine is given to patients with nephritic grafts and they may exhibit gingival enlargement page 197 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients. Choice B, Phenytoin is wrong because it is a drug known to predispose patients to gingival hyperplasia but it is non prescribed to patients with nephritic graft ; it is an antiepileptic drug, besides used for dialysis remotion page 198. Choice C, Amlodipine is wrong because it is a Ca channel blocker, which unwritten visual aspect is gingival expansion. However this drug is given to patients who have high blood pressure page 43. Choice D, Dilantin is wrong because it is the same as Phenytoin for the grounds stated above page 615 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th edition under Which of the undermentioned tooth formations has NO associations with inborn poxs? Hutchinson ‘s incisors Screw-Driver incisorsPeg lateralsMulberry grinders Correct Answer: Choice C, nog laterals is the right reply because it non related to inborn pox it is a job in the development of the maxillary sidelong incisors which appear smaller than normal. Choice A, Hutchinson ‘s three of inborn poxs along with interstitial keratitis of the cornea causes hearing loss and dental abnormalcies such as mulberry grinder. Choice B, screw-drivers incisors is wrong reply due to the fact that they are dental defects besides seen in inborn pox and caused by direct invasion of tooth sources by Treponema beings because they can traverse the placenta. Mention: page 205 Chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th edition. Which of the undermentioned conditions is NOT associated with HHV-4?Kaposi SarcomaInfectious glandular fever Nasopharyngeal malignant neoplastic disease Oral hairy leukoplakia Correct Answer: Choice A, . Kaposi Sarcoma is the right reply because it is associated with HIV-8 non HIV-4 pg. 207 chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th edition. B. Infectious glandular fever is non the correct reply because it is caused 90 % of instances by EBV or HHV-4, a lymphotropic herpesvirus pg. 209 chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th editionC. Nasopharyngeal malignant neoplastic disease is wrong because it is related to patients with HHV-4 hypertext transfer protocol: // D. Oral hairy leukoplakia is wrong because it is associated with EBV after recovery pg. 215 Chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th edition and pg. 297 Chapter 18 Herpes zosters is associated with which of the undermentioned herpes viruses? HHV-1 HHV-2HHV-3HHV-4 Correct Answer: Choice C, HHV-3 is the right reply because it is associated with chickenpox shingles Choice A, HHV-1 is non right because it is simplex virus that causes non-genital herpes simples in worlds, seen in kids and immature Choice B, HHV-2 is non the correct replies because it is a simplex virus besides but associated with venereal infections Choice D, HHV-4 is non right, it is besides known every bit EBV as it was described in old inquiries is a lymphorocryptovirus. Mention: pg. 604 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th edition ; hypertext transfer protocol: // grownups ; hypertext transfer protocols: // ; hypertext transfer protocol: // and chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th edition ; hypertext transfer protocol: // Healthcare employees are required to have a inoculation for which of the followers?HBVHCV Hiv HPV Correct Answer: Choice A, HBV is the right reply because the vaccinum against HBV is recommended to kids, health care and public safety workers with exposure to blood etc. Choice B, HCV is wrong because there is non a vaccinum for Hepatitis C merely for hepatitis A and B. Choice C, HIV is wrong because there is non a vaccinum for HIV for cut downing hazard, and cosmopolitan safeguards are to follow. Choice D, HPV incorrect because there is a vaccinum to assist forestalling some human papillomavirus but it is non required to wellness attention employees. Mentions: pg. 150 chapter 10 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th edition and it is besides recognized as effectual defence against HBV infection found in hypertext transfer protocol: // ; hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Kay % 20OSHA % 20Training % 20Handout.pdf What is the best manner to pull off a hapless historiographer?Consult with patient ‘s doctorHave patient repetition themselves Have patient speak easy Consult with the patient ‘s partner Correct Answer: Choice A, Consult with PT doctor is the right reply because it is the best manner to guarantee about the medical fortunes of the patient like the medicines. Asking for the patient ‘s PCP information for future mention is portion of the medical history, which was conferred in an earlier talk Under Management Poor Historian. Choice B, have a patient repetition themselves is wrong because the patient may repeat something that he/she is diffident about is non utile. Choice C, have patient speak slowly is non the correct reply because the patient once more does n't retrieve the medical history so it would non give us any information. Choice D, consult with patient ‘s partner is non the right reply ; nevertheless, this can be a right pick if the spouse is lawfully lawful to talk on behalf of the patient, but this is non ever the instance so the best manner is ever consult with patient ‘s doctor this was discussed in the first talk under direction hapless h istoriographer. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th erectile dysfunctions Which type of medicines should a tooth doctor papers? Prescribed Over- the-Counter Multivitamins Herbal addendumsAll of the aboveCorrect Answer: Choice E, all of the undermentioned drugs that the patient is taking should be acknowledged and examined for actions, inauspicious side effects and contraindications. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th erectile dysfunctions Which of the undermentioned ASA categorizations represents individual who is brain-dead? ASA I ASA III ASA VASA VICorrect Answer: Choice D, ASA I is a normal healthy patient with no organic, physiological or psychiatric perturbation. ASA III are patients with terrible systemic disease. These patients have some functional restrictions but no major danger of decease. EG controlled congestive bosom failure, stable angina, old bosom onslaught, ill controlled high blood pressure, morbid fleshiness etc. ASA V is a stagnant patient who is non expected to last without the operation. This patient has at hand hazard of decease, multi-organ failure, sepsis etc. ASA VI is a patient declared encephalon dead whose variety meats are removed for giver intents. Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the undermentioned ASA categorizations represent a normal healthy patient?ASA IASA III ASA V ASA VI Correct Answer: Choice A, ASA I is a normal healthy patient. ASA III patients suffer from a terrible systemic disease. These patients have some functional boundaries, nevertheless no cardinal danger of decease. ASA V is a morbid patient who is non expected to last without an operation and is impending upon decease and multi-organ failure. ASA VI is a patient acknowledged as encephalon dead. Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the followers is an illustration of a symptom?PainJaundice Heat Heart Murmur Correct Answer: Choice A, symptoms are as any characteristic which is noticed by the patient. A mark is noticed by the doctor. Jaundice, heat and bosom mutter are marks because they are noticeable by others, such as the physician Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // The wont of masticating beetling British pound should be documented under which class Chief ailmentSocial HistoryDental history Family history Correct Answer: Choice B, The Social history is the turn toing familial, professional, and leisure facets of the patient ‘s personal life that have the possible to be clinically important. Dental history references past dental processs and jobs. Medical history is information gained by the doctor by examining the patient. History of present unwellness, household diseases and societal history inquiries are included. Family history adresses upsets from inherited from blood relations of the patient have suffered. Mentions: hypertext transfer protocol: // What is the approximative overall U.S. mortality rate of morbific endocarditis 10 % 20 % 30 %40 %Correct Answer: Choice D, morbific endocarditis affects more than 15000 patients yearly in the U.S. and mortality rate is 40 % . Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th erectile dysfunctions What is the most common mark of a morbific endocarditis? Osler ‘s nodes Roth musca volitanssFeverClubbing of the figure Correct Answer: Choice C, fever. The most common indexs of morbific endocarditis are fever, bosom mutter, and positive blood civilization. Roth musca volitanss are found on the retina, and clubbing of the figures are marks of morbific endocarditis Osler ‘s nodes are found on the fingers. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 25 Which of the followers has the higher frequence of doing bacteriemia? Rubber dike matrix with cuneus arrangement Chewing nutrient Root canal therapyToothbrushing and flossingCorrect Answer: Choice D, tooth brushing and flossing. Tooth brushing and flossing can take bacteriemia ; in add-on, there is a 68 % opportunity of undertaking bacteriemia. Choice B, masticating nutrient has up to 51 % opportunity of doing bacteriums. Choice A, the gum elastic dike and cuneus arrangement has a 32 % opportunity, and pick C, root canal therapy has up to 20 % opportunity. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 28 Which of the following have the highest life-time hazard of geting morbific endocarditis? Arthritic bosom diseaseHistory of old endocarditisPatients with mechanical valves Mitral valve prolapsed with regurgitation Correct Answer: Choice B, history of old endocarditis 740 people for every 100,000 incidence of morbific endocarditis. Choice D, mitral valve prolapsed with regurgitation 52 people for every 100,000 incidence. Choice A, Rheumatic febrility has 380-440 people for every 100,000 incidence, patients with mechanical valves 308-383/100k incidence. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 21 The extremum plasma concentration of two gms of Amoxil is reach at about two hours after unwritten disposal. How long does an acceptable MIC for 2g of Amoxil last? Two hours Four HourssSix HourssEight Hourss Correct Answer: Choice C, Six hr is how long 2g should hold and acceptable MIC for. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 32 What is the name given to a transplant that is taken from a different species? Autograft AlloplastHeterograftIsograft Correct Answer: Choice C, A Xenograft is from a different species. All of the transplants mentioned are types of grafts. Choice A, an autoplasty comes from ego. Choice B, an alloplast is from a man-made beginning. Choice D, is an isograft comes from a twin. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 36. Which of the followers is NOT caused by HPV? Heck ‘s Disease Squamous Cell CarcinomaOral Hairy LeukoplakiaSquamous Papilloma Correct Answer: Choice C, Oral Hairy Leukoplakia is caused by Epstein-Barr virus and HIV. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Squamous villoma and Heck ‘s Disease are all caused by an infection with HPV. Mentions: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th erectile dysfunctions. hypertext transfer protocol: // % 27s_disease, hypertext transfer protocol: //, hypertext transfer protocol: //

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Horace Boigraphy essays

Horace Boigraphy essays Quintus Horatius Flaccus was born at Venusia, Italy, Dec. 8 65 B.C.E and died in Nov. 27 8 B.C.E (Crystal, He is recognized as one of historys greatest poets. Horace was a humble person, for this he was loved by all his friends. He had very few enemies. His favorite subjects for poetry were love and nature. Later in his life he went from writing poetry to writing philosophy (Gilleland, There were many things that affected Horace in his youth which influenced his adulthood. Horaces father was a freed slave and found employment in the areas of tax collecting and as an auction broker. Horace lived a modest childhood (Crystal, Even though his family was barely getting by, Horaces father made sure that Horace got the best education possible. At a young age, Horace was sent to Athens to study, and after went to Rome to find a career. Horace always expressed his gratitude towards his father for getting him a good education and teaching him deep-rooted morals. Horace joined the army at the age of nineteen. He fought on the side of the conspirators, Brutus and Cassius, as a military tribune, which was exceptional for a freemans son. When the war was lost, all his assets were seized and he was forced to return home penniless. Along with living a modest childhood, war greatly humbled Horace. By the age of twenty he had already experien ced loss, death, and tragedy, which made him want no more excitement in his life (Gilleland, Horace was a renowned writer. He was known mostly for his poems. Earlier in his career, his poems were about love, pleasure, wine, friendship, and the beauty of a simple life. Later in his life, his subjects turned more serous, involving the race for power and position, the folly of extremes, the desirability of ...

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La licencia de manejar para indocumentados en Illinois

La licencia de manejar para indocumentados en Illinois    Illinois es uno de los estados que permiten a los  los indocumentados  sacar la licencia de manejar. Estos son los requisitos y los pasos que debes seguir.   Esta licencia de manejar recibe el nombre de Licencia Temporal para Visitantes y se le conoce como TVDL, sus siglas en inglà ©s. Paso 1:  Reunir la documentacià ³n necesaria Se necesita probar: Nombre y fecha de nacimientoVeracidad de tu firmaDomicilio actualResidencia en el estado de Illinois por al menos doce mesesCambio de nombre, si lo hubo, como por ejemplo en casos de matrimonio Nombre y fecha de nacimiento Es obligatorio tener UNO de los siguientes documentos: Pasaporte del paà ­s de uno que no puede estar expiradoTarjeta consular de Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala o Mà ©xico. Si eres de otro paà ­s y tu consulado tambià ©n emite una tarjeta consular, verificar con la Policà ­a del Estado de Illinois si la acepta como prueba de identidad. Firma UNO de los siguientes documentos sirve para probar la veracidad de tu firma: Certificado de chà ³fer cooperativo (Cooperative Driver Certificate)Contrato de hipotecaContrato de prà ©stamo a plazosI.D. emitido por el gobierno federal de los Estados Unidos o por un estado o una entidad local oficial.Licencia de manejar de otro estado que no està © expiradaOrden de una corte en la que conste tu firmaPasaporte de tu paà ­s sin expirarTarjeta consularTarjeta de crà ©dito tipo Amex, Visa o Master CardTarjeta electoral mexicana Domicilio actual Debes probar que has vivido en tu vivienda actual por al menos 90 dà ­as (tres meses) con anterioridad al dà ­a en que haces la aplicacià ³n para la cita para la licencia de manejar. Por ejemplo, si te has mudado a tu domicilio actual el 24 de septiembre de este aà ±o, debes esperar hasta el 23 de diciembre para poder aplicar.   Es obligatorio que tengas DOS  de los siguientes documentos en el que de algà ºn modo conste tu direccià ³n actual: Calificaciones escolares o de la universidad (report card)Carta que te ha enviado una universidad o collegeCarta que te ha enviado una institucià ³n oficial del gobierno federal, estatal, del condado o localContrato de alquiler (rentar) de la vivienda (lease)Contrato de hipoteca o de compra de la viviendaDeclaracià ³n sobre pensiones o jubilacionesExtracto bancario (bank statement)Facturas mà ©dicas o declaracià ³n de beneficios sanitarios.  Factura del servicio de agua, basura, gas, electricidad, telà ©fono o cable (utility bills)Factura de haber pagado la cuota de la universidad o collegePà ³liza de seguro como propietario de la vivienda o como inquilino de la misma (tenant)Recibo de exencià ³n tributaria sobre la vivienda principal (homestead exemption receipt)Reporte sobre tu historial de crà ©dito emitido por Equifax, Experia o TransunionTarjeta consularTarjeta del servicio selectivoTranscripciones escolares, que tienen que estar certificadas Si ahora no tienes dos de esos documentos, examina cules puedes conseguir y solicà ­talos. Recuerda que hasta que transcurran 90 dà ­as desde la fecha que va a figurar en los mismos no puedes utilizarlos para probar que efectivamente vives en la vivienda que dices que es  tu domicilio actual. Probar residencia en el estado de Illinois Tienes que demostrar que has vivido en Illinois por al menos doce meses (un aà ±o) antes de aplicar para la licencia. Para ello tienes que tener UNO de los siguientes documentos: Calificaciones escolares o transcripciones, en este caso certificadasCorreo oficialEscritura de compra de la vivienda, alquiler o hipotecaFacturas mà ©dicas o de declaracià ³n de beneficiosFacturas de pago de cuotas universitariasPensià ³n o jubilacià ³nPà ³liza de seguro como inquilino de una vivienda o como propietarioRecibo de exencià ³n tributaria para vivienda (homestead exemption receipt)Utility bill de la electricidad, basura, gas, telà ©fono, cable, etc.    Si llevas ms de un aà ±o viviendo en la misma casa, la misma factura de la luz, por ejemplo, sirve para probar residencia en el estado por ms de 365 dà ­as y tambià ©n residencia actual. Para asegurarte lleva contigo a la cita una factura antigua y otra reciente. Cambio de nombre Si por cualquier razà ³n como por ejemplo, por matrimonio, el nombre actual y el que figura en tu pasaporte o en tu tarjeta consular no coinciden debers probar el cambio de nombre o apellido mediante UNO de los siguientes documentos: una orden judicialcertificado de matrimonio Segundo paso: concertar una cita Una vez que te has asegurado que tienes todos los documentos y que cumples los plazos (particularmente el de haber vivido en Illinois por los à ºltimos doce meses), entonces debes hacer dos trmites: En la actualidad en todas las oficinas excepto Chicago North y Chicago West se puede ir sin concertar una cita previa. Sin embargo para Chicago North y Chicago West sà ­ es necesario y se hace: Marcando al telà ©fono gratuito 855-236-1155 o por internet. Sà ³lo se puede hacer para uno de las  oficinas del Departamento de Vehà ­culos de Motor especialmente designadas para manejar las peticiones de licencias TVDL.Rellenar la  planilla de verificacià ³n de residencia. Se trata de hacer constar el historial de dà ³nde has vivido en los à ºltimos doce meses. (Cuando se renueve la licencia, dentro de tres aà ±os, ya no ser necesario hacerlo, ya que sà ³lo es un requisito para cuando se solicita por primera vez). Tener en cuenta que en la actualidad no puede acudir a las oficinas para este trmite ni en los dà ­as sbado ni en los dà ­as domingo. Tercer  paso: preparar la cita Antes de acudir a la oficina debes asegurarte: de que tu vista est bien o que tienes los lentes correctosde que te has estudiado para el examen teà ³rico de la licencia de manejar. En la pgina oficial del Departamento de Vehà ­culos a motor puedes descargar gratis el libro para que si no sabes conducir, has tomado las clases suficientes para poder pasar el examen prctico. Los menores de 20 aà ±os necesariamente tienen que haber ido a una  autoescuela. Cuatro paso: en la oficina del Departamento de Vehà ­culos de Motor Esto es lo que va a pasar: Un empleado examinar que llevas toda la documentacià ³n necesaria. Si es asà ­, te dar un nà ºmero y esperars por tu turnoCuando te llamen un empleado examinar de nuevo los documentos e introducir los datos en la computadoraFirmars la aplicacià ³n y, junto con los documentos presentados, ser todo escaneadoPagars $30 por la tramitacià ³n de la licencia de manejar y $5 si deseas que tambià ©n sea vlida para manejar motosSe te tomar una foto y firmars en un aparato para que quede constancia digital de tu firmaTe harn un examen de visià ³nTomars el examen escrito. Puede ser en inglà ©s, espaà ±ol o incluso en otros idiomasTomars el examen prctico de manejar en carreteraSi has aprobado se te dar un recibo que sirve como constancia de haber hecho todo el proceso pero que no sirve para manejar.   Como puedes imaginar, todo eso va a llevar su tiempo, por lo que es mejor que ese dà ­a no tengas prisa. Quinto paso: la licencia Empleados del estado verificarn que toda la informacià ³n y documentacià ³n que les has dado es la correcta. Sà ³lo en ese caso se proceder a imprimir tu licencia de manejar que te llegar por correo en el plazo de entre quince y veinte dà ­as laborales. Si la licencia no es aprobada recibirs una carta explicando el motivo, quà © debes hacer, si es que puedes hacer algo y un nà ºmero de telà ©fono para solicitar ms informacià ³n. Con la licencia en mano tienes que saber que: Es un permiso para manejar que es de carcter temporal, igual al que el estado emite desde el aà ±o 2005 a los inmigrantes o visitantes legales que no tienen un nà ºmero de seguro  social. Por ejemplo, familiares de titulares de ciertas visas de trabajo temporal. La TVDL sà ³lo es vlida si tienes tambià ©n un seguro de auto. Es un requisito indispensable. Estas licencias son de un color distinto a las que se emiten, por ejemplo, para ciudadanos americanos o residentes permanentes legales. Sern vlidas por un periodo de tres aà ±os. 90 dà ­as antes de su fecha de expiracià ³n debers renovarla.   La TVDL  no est diseà ±ada para ser utilizada como identificacià ³n. Por lo tanto no se podr utilizar para abrir una cuenta de banco o para volar, ya que no se admitir en el aeropuerto como un I.D. Tampoco se podrn usar para comprar un arma ni, por supuesto, para votar. Incluso antes de manejar en otro estado habr que verificar si es posible, ya que depender del lugar. A tener en cuenta Si tienes una licencia de manejar que conseguiste con un Nà ºmero del Seguro Social falso el procedimiento a seguir es llamar a la oficina del fraude al 217-782-7604. Se har una investigacià ³n y no podrs manejar por doce meses. Despuà ©s de esa suspensià ³n podrs aplicar por una licencia temporal para indocumentados. En un principio, las autoridades del Departamento de Vehà ­culos a Motor no comparten la informacià ³n con ninguna otra agencia del gobierno, y en eso se incluye inmigracià ³n. Pero si reciben una peticià ³n legà ­tima para que compartan informacià ³n, la darn. Si tienes una licencia internacional de manejar, ten cuidado porque puede que sea un fraude y no sirva para manejar. Si se tiene una licencia del paà ­s de uno, à ©sta sà ³lo se puede utilizar legalmente por 90 dà ­as a contar desde el dà ­a que se comenzà ³ a residir en Illinois. Finalmente, en el primer aà ±o en el que se autorizà ³ a los indocumentados en Illinois sacar la licencia de manejar, se aprobaron aproximadamente unas 85 mil. Sin embargo, se hicieron 190 mil solicitudes. Esto quiere decir que hubo muchos casos en los que no se aprobaron.   Para evitar estos problemas asegurarse de que realmente se cumplen los requisitos. Si no, ser negada. Derechos de los trabajadores indocumentados Las leyes del salario mà ­nimo tambià ©n aplica a los indocumentados. Entà ©rate de cul es el pago por hora en tu estado, cules son las excepciones y quà © se puede hacer si no te pagan lo que te corresponde de acuerdo a la ley. Finalmente, es muy conveniente informarse sobre aspectos que afectan muy directamente a la comunidad de migrantes indocumentados, como por ejemplo, las posibilidades reales de regularizacià ³n de la situacià ³n y otros temas que afectan a los inmigrantes sin papeles como las nuevas prioridades de deportacià ³n por orden ejecutiva de Trump. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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Women of Color at the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Women of Color at the Workplace - Essay Example Today, the community comprises almost one-fifth of the workforce in the United States. Research indicates that major developments have happened regarding the recruitment of women of color in the recent past. The enlisting of each segment of women looked into such as Black American, Latino, Asian and Aboriginals, increased in the recent past (Amott and Matthaei 157). More females from all the categories are absorbed as officials and key members of the executive teams in the industrial sector. This paper examines how women of color used feminism to increase their power in the workplace. Statistics According to Amott and Matthaei (53) â€Å"Native Americans struggling for tribal autonomy and for the recognition of broken treaties have also had to confront corporate greed †¦Ã¢â‚¬  This implies that women of color have achieved tremendous gains, in terms of population at the workplace and the statuses of workplace environments, though not easily. Despite the progress made, there ar e still a number of stubborn occurrences which require more concern. Quite a large number of women of color tend to prefer particular industrial sectors and seem to have concentrated in insignificant occupational positions. Statistics indicate that â€Å"Native American women’s labor force participation rates rose sharply between 1970 and 1990, from 35 percent to 55 percent† (Amott and Matthaei 59). Nevertheless, in the recent past, they have achieved the smallest returns regarding total absorption into jobs and positions of significance, far smaller than the level of growth of Latinos and Asians. In the meantime, black women surpass their work force percentage as sales employees, clerical officers and those in the service sector. Notably, the Nursing and Residential Care Facilities sector absorbs the largest proportion of Black American women vis-a-vis the greatest proportion of women in general. Replacing men during World War I Whereas the chance for the women to ext end their careers came into fore during the First World War, there were several grounds why women of color transformed their principles to occupy the new job opportunities left by men. The main reason behind more women power at the workplace was inspired by patriotism factor. The then message from the government summoned women to support the country. Equally linked to this patriotic call was the need to engage in something more fascinating and different, and an issue which would enhance the combat effort. Higher remuneration, also partly contributed, as did the prevailing shore up in social status, though a number of women of color took up the opportunities in the workplace out of absolute need, because of the government program, which differed by country and eventually rooted for only the families of absent military officers did not meet the shortage. Unions and strikes Although, the war resulted in many new options for the women and job opportunities, it did not normally impact an increase in the earnings of the women, which were traditionally much poorer than men’s. In the United States, for instance, rather than offer a woman what a man would have pocketed, according to government policies on equal regulations, recruiters divided responsibilities down into less significant tasks, employing more women of color for each task and offering them peanuts for carrying out the responsibility. This increased the bureaucracy of the women, but shrunk their earnings. During the World War I, women organized strikes citing meager pay, developments that lasted days or several weeks as the war transpired. Amott and Matthaei (56) indicate that in 1980s, â€Å"American Indian women continued to form pan-Indian women’s organizations for self-determination and against sexism.†

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Business Environment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Business Environment - Assignment Example In other cases, reduction of tax on consumer goods encourages growth of primary industries and increases consumer purchasing power. This gives supermarkets and other retail shops a chance to sell more products and increase their profits. These profits can then be reinvested back to the economy. Low taxes are also meant to encourage the growth of fresh firms. This is because young businesses are battling with competition and thus low taxes help them retain most of their profits. Likewise, spending by the government assists fresh firms. The government is able to give out revenue by redistributing it to those new organizations through subsidized loan, grants, or other forms of spending which are driven towards expanding businesses. For instance, a Supermarket research organization may be awarded federal or state loans and grants in order to start up new stores of supermarket (Frascona 18). Fiscal and monetary policies have a disadvantage because they take a lot of time for the anticipat ed economic effects to apply. Despite this, the policies are helpful to the economy because they help increase aggregate demand where it is lacking and also reduce it (Fishman 11). The Impact of Competition Policy and Regulatory Mechanisms on an Organisation Competition policy and regulatory mechanisms have various impacts on business organisations such as companies and partnerships. These policies affect various types of businesses differently. For example, a supermarket such as Traders Joe is a large business that was affected differently by competition from other forms of businesses. The supermarket’s sales, in 2008 were affected by unhealthy competition from other retail chains. Consumer freedom to choose what to consume from this supermarket was limited by an advertisement that portrayed it as selling inferior goods. This made customers not buy goods from it. This is an example of how advertisements can limit consumer freedom (Lewis 10). Other activities that can lead to unfair competition may come from supermarkets that have large presence in an area. These supermarkets may raise and lower prices as they wish in order to meet their profit targets. Such supermarkets may also be in a position to buy products from manufacturers at very low prices. This means they will pass the same product to final customers at low price compared to other supermarkets (Frascona 18). A supermarket may be also having a strong brand name which makes it to be considered as one of the most successful retailers. According to Lewis, the government should control such supermarkets by taxing them more money than other supermarkets (9). This will ensure healthy competition that increases efficiency and efficient use of resources. The government may also come up with regulatory mechanism on certain products. For example, the government completely making it illegal for supermarkets to sell manufactured or processed foods to ensure that its citizens are healthy. The government ma y also have a zero tax on infant’s foods and clothing to encourage population growth in advance countries of the world that shows decreasing population trends (Frascona 18). Effects of market structures on the pricing and output decisions of a business The forces of demand and supply are at times not the only determinants of market price. Market structures such as oligopoly and monopoly disrupt the normal forces of