Sunday, March 8, 2020

Establish The Structure, Duties And Reponsabilities Of An EHS Committe Coursework

Establish The Structure, Duties And Reponsabilities Of An EHS Committe Coursework Establish The Structure, Duties And Reponsabilities Of An EHS Committe – Coursework Example Introduction Environmental Health and Safety Committees are usually formulated to facilitate the provision safety measures to various environments i.e. in schools, working environments et cetera. The committee is made of a distinct structure that usually suits the needs and specific roles of the Committee. In Abu Dhabi, there is an EHS Committee that is charged with the management of the environmental safety measures of the City. This discussion will entail establishing a similar structure and highlight the roles and responsibilities of this committee.1. The Executive Council2. Environmental Health and Safety Committee3. Competent Authority4. Target Sector5. Regulatory AuthoritiesThe Executive Council: This is the highest authority in Land it is usually managed by governmental departments that sets overall environmental, health and safety laws for various companies and organizations in their respective countries.Environmental, Health and Safety Committee: This is the committees that is charge of formulating EHS rules, proposals, guidelines and provide expert advice. The committee is usually comprised of people with the appropriate knowledge and skills on issues ascribed to Environmental, Health and Safety guidelines.The Competent Authority: This is the qualified team that is also mandated to undertake the management of various environmental health and safety concerns. The Competent Authority may involve stakeholders like Environmental Health Auditors, environmental safety experts, monitoring and evaluation officers et cetera. Other duties that are usually undertaken by the Competent Authority are: Environmental Auditing, environmental quality checks, training on issues ascribed to environmental health and safety Management. Example of the Competent Authority is the Abu Dhabi Environmental Health and Safety Committee.The Target Sector: This is the target area that is usually guided or benefit from the Environmental, Health and Safety Authorities. They include st akeholders like; tourism sector, the health sector, different employment sectors such as non-governmental organizations and governmental organizations. The Target sector may also include learning institutions et cetera.Regulatory Authorities: This is the enforcement body that is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the EHS rules and regulations are implemented to the latter. They involve organs like administrative authorities, support functions as well as advisory organs that are composed of experts in regard to environmental, health and safety issues.Work Cited"2. Environmental Health and Safety Committee." 2. Environmental Health and Safety Committee. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 July 2014.