Friday, November 8, 2019

Horace Boigraphy essays

Horace Boigraphy essays Quintus Horatius Flaccus was born at Venusia, Italy, Dec. 8 65 B.C.E and died in Nov. 27 8 B.C.E (Crystal, He is recognized as one of historys greatest poets. Horace was a humble person, for this he was loved by all his friends. He had very few enemies. His favorite subjects for poetry were love and nature. Later in his life he went from writing poetry to writing philosophy (Gilleland, There were many things that affected Horace in his youth which influenced his adulthood. Horaces father was a freed slave and found employment in the areas of tax collecting and as an auction broker. Horace lived a modest childhood (Crystal, Even though his family was barely getting by, Horaces father made sure that Horace got the best education possible. At a young age, Horace was sent to Athens to study, and after went to Rome to find a career. Horace always expressed his gratitude towards his father for getting him a good education and teaching him deep-rooted morals. Horace joined the army at the age of nineteen. He fought on the side of the conspirators, Brutus and Cassius, as a military tribune, which was exceptional for a freemans son. When the war was lost, all his assets were seized and he was forced to return home penniless. Along with living a modest childhood, war greatly humbled Horace. By the age of twenty he had already experien ced loss, death, and tragedy, which made him want no more excitement in his life (Gilleland, Horace was a renowned writer. He was known mostly for his poems. Earlier in his career, his poems were about love, pleasure, wine, friendship, and the beauty of a simple life. Later in his life, his subjects turned more serous, involving the race for power and position, the folly of extremes, the desirability of ...

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