Tuesday, September 3, 2019

A Window into Adolescent Literacy Essay -- Literary Analysis, Wise, Sc

Over the course of the 21st century, there has been a steady decline in the rate of high school graduates. With such an important factor to the success of adolescents, school administrations have begun to take notice of such unacceptable findings. In this process they have attempted to understand the needs of our youth and the methods that give them the opportunity to become better readers, writers and overall students. To these young individuals, these years of development are pivotal to there success as adults. Educators must work together with the student to understand their individual forms of learning, not every student is the same and must be given the opportunity to learn no matter what the circumstance might be. The years prior to when an individual reaches the opportunity to attend college, is one of much importance. Especially when it comes to Literacy, this alone spreads into all subject areas. Literacy should be considered one of the most important aspects of a student’s career, if not the most important. Research by Bob Wise (2009) suggests that the main problem in today’s districts is that a good amount of administrations believe that literacy comes after school reform on the list of important topics. The belief is that the problem is not associated to all adolescents; therefore it should be the responsibility of the English teachers. The problem there is that students start to fall behind in all subjects and many end up having to repeat grade levels. Teachers in all subject areas should put a strong emphasis on literacy, and when the student starts to struggle, there responsibility should be to refer them to extra help or provide assistance themselves, its never benefi cial for the student if the educators belie... ...g, you don’t learn it, you absorb it. You don’t even realize it because it’s such a joyful feeling that it just sticks with you. You want to learn more about it and in the process you pursue as much information as you possibly can. I honestly believe that in this new era of social networking, the students I teach one day will have better literacy skills then I did at their age. They are constantly bombarded by messaging, texting, emailing etc†¦ It’s our job to understand them and take the fundamental values of literacy, combine it with our own instruction, and then implemented with there own interests and give these students all a better opportunity at learning. It sounds like plenty of work for educators, but we should not look at it as work, but more of passion to teach these students the fundamental values of literacy, which will one day, provide them success.

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