Monday, September 23, 2019

Romanticism And Realism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Romanticism And Realism - Assignment Example Therefore, even though not necessary or fundamental to Romanticism, but so extensive as to be normative, was a sturdy solid belief and awareness in the significance of nature. It later on, â€Å"allowed it to push painting about out of the focus of art.† Romanticism, for a time, dominated art, particularly in France during the later periods of the 1700s and the early 1800s. Then, at about the middle of the nineteenth century, the effect of many societal dynamisms caused artistic palate to change from idealistic romanticism to realism, starting in France in the 1850s. Realism in France emerged subsequent to the 1848 Revolution. These realists put themselves straight against romanticism. The emotional and exaggerated qualities of Romanticism began to break up European art. (S. Decline of Romanticism: End of the Century, Turn of the Century. Akadà ©miai Kiadà ³, 1970, p. 1) After a time of a loosened form of the expression and depiction of subjects in art, there was a tightening that occurred. At large, realists concentrated more on ordinary, run-of-the-mill characters, situations, places, problems, and objects, all in a "true-to-life" method or approach in depicting it. Realists discarded exaggerated or melodramatic portrayal or depiction of emotion, grand subjects, in favor of commonplace motifs or themes. After a time, artists like Monet and others started to feel that actual realism did not truly present the creative nature of the emotion. They grew exhausted of producing art for the rich and desired something much more. Simplicity substituted technique and method. Thus, they showed the impression of the scene, allowing the realism to be interpreted by the viewer. This movement that arose from Realism is known as Impressionism. Realism during the 1800s also supported an art movement called Naturalism, as a response to the exaggerated representations of themes in Romanticism. Indeed, Romanticism and realism were

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