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Factors That Influence Fashion Decisions Essay - 1995 Words

Running head: FASHION 1 FASHION 2 The factors that influence fashion decisions in the American clothing and apparels market Name Institution Fashion refers to the changing styles of dress adopted by associations of individuals at certain times and locations (Kennedy, Stoehrer, Calderin, 2013). Fashion is a major aspect of the contemporary society where the consumers use different objects and fashion choices to communicate about their perceptions and as an illustration of one?s place in the society (Bovone Gonz?lez, 2013).The various styles used in fashion emerge either from the innovations of a designer or the streets. Fashion is the creative endeavor and an artistic practice that produces useful products. The fashion industry in the United States is one most complex and dynamic. The trends in clothing and apparels change now and then and there is no particular style in the industry. The national and universal trends in fashion have a significant influence on the kinds of demands that consumers are making in the industry. The customer s decisions on the type of clothing to purchase vary depending on age, place of resid ence, and financial ability. InShow MoreRelatedBuying Behavior of Blog Shoppers1325 Words   |  5 Pagesorder to find out what types of factors in blogs affect the behaviour of women about buying situations, it is important to consider both internal influencers and external influencers. The consumers are unconsciously affected by both every time they make buying decisions, and it is therefore vital that both are considered when studying the topic. As shown below in the Figure 2.5 on the next page, the consumer buying process is influenced by several different factors. The diagram is a modified versionRead MoreEffects of Media on Body Image855 Words   |  3 PagesDiscussion This study was conducted to analyze the impact of media, mainly fashion magazines, on how women perceived the idealized body weight and shape as well as the impact of media on the decision to diet or initiate an exercise program. Twenty working class women were given questionnaires at different times. The exposure to fashion magazines was assessed by determining whether the participant was a high level frequency viewer of fashion magazines, viewing them once per week up to daily, or a low levelRead MoreThe New Symbolic Consumers For Fashion Brands1062 Words   |  5 Pagesof the study, is found to be a good foundation to understand consumers’ purchasing decisions for fashion brands. The findings show that consumers choose brands which have relevance or desired ‘symbolic value’ for them. Not only Baudrillard, the findings are also in line with the studies of Dittmar (1992, 1994, 2004, 2008), Elliott Wattanasuwan (1998a) and Wattanasuwan (2003, 2005) regarding how consumers use fashion products; symbolic consumption is used to represent actual self-identity, and alsoRead MoreProcess of Purchase1206 Words   |  5 Pagesbehavior is the decision process and acts of people involved in buying and using products. The final purchase decision is often a result of the interaction between the final decision maker and a range of influencer. 1 The process of purchasing decision passes through five different stages 1- Needs recognition 2- Information Search 3- Evaluation 4- Decision 5- Post purchase evaluation Consumer behavior and purchasing decision is a phenomenon affected by internal and external factors, but what areRead MoreEconomic Theories and Customer ´s Behaviors Essay1500 Words   |  6 PagesFor companies to be able to market products or services effectively, an understanding of how consumers behave and make decisions is necessary (Poon and Joseph, 2001). There are several theories that relate to this area, including economic theories as well as psychological theories. Earlier studies in theories concerning consumer behavior were developed through economic theory, for example the conception where consumers advance rationally to make best use of their satisfaction in the process of buyingRead MoreVictoria’s Secret Pink: Keeping the Brand Hot1315 Words   |  6 Pages Discussion Questions 1. Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer. Need recognition: This can come from internal stimuli (basic needs such as hunger, thirst, protection) or external stimuli. Considering that people do not purchase fashion brands based on such needs as, â€Å"I am cold/naked and need protective covering,† this first step is likely to be based on external stimuli. Note that the factors that influence a potential Pink customer’s recognition of need mayRead MoreStrategic Modules Used For The Case Study1524 Words   |  7 Pagesstudy which primarily produces ready-to-wear clothes, also diversified by investing in other areas of fashion, like shoes and accessories. Industry Analysis In order to analyse the industry in which our case study operates, we started the research by performing PESTLE analysis. PESTLE analysis provides a bird s eye view of the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors surrounding the case study. However, for our research we focused on the PEST (Political, EconomicRead MoreFashion Blogging is Big Business1657 Words   |  7 PagesFashion bloggers can earn to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. And the bulk of the money isnt necessarily coming from brands paying for ads on their sites; it comes from brands paying the bloggers to endorse their products in various ways. (The Womens Wear Daily, fashion industry trade paper) A clothing label might hire a fashion blogger to style a runway show and tweet and blog about the project; or to serve as a model in their ad campaigns and post the images on their blog; or to simplyRead MoreFactors Affecting The Clothing Company H M1406 Words   |  6 PagesThis report is an identification of factors that affect the clothing company HM. These factors will involve features that affect the external environment, for example, the economy, the law and so forth. There will also be discussion of the internal management process and how the external factors affect management. 1.1 Introduction to HM HM is an affordable clothing company that originally opened in Sweden in 1947. The fashion concept they enforce is ‘fashion and quality at the best price in aRead MoreHow Business Is An Economic System1195 Words   |  5 Pagesrunning the economic cycle smoothly. It help to balance the aggregate demand and supply in market. For example, a business can provide demandable products or services to the market. It is one of the important source of employment. It takes capitals, factors of production, labor and so on from the market and supplies the demandable goods and services. It provides employments to people which increases their income and enhance their living standard. Most of the developed country are known by their business

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