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Morality, Virtue and the Public Figure Essay - 2080 Words

Morality, Virtue and the Public Figure Introduction According to the dictionary Grand Robert, the term â€Å"public† means â€Å"what concerns people as a whole and what belongs to the social or political community and is done in its name†; a public figure is defined as â€Å"a person who is invested with an official function or plays an important role in the social or political life of his or her country†. In relation to these definitions, it is possible to identify different categories of public figures with more or less important roles : a political figure such as a government Minister who creates laws and take important decisions for his country; an intellectual and a star who is defined as an artistic performer or athlete whose leading role or†¦show more content†¦B) Differences between morality and virtue The same word can mean both a morality principle and a virtue but there is a fundamental difference between the two. If we take the example of generosity, the idea is a moral concept, which means that we have a duty to give back a part of what we received. On the other hand, the effort of giving this generosity is the concern of virtues and it is not limited to give money but also give time, comfort and shared competences. However, morality can lead decision-makers to act in a way that could have terrible consequences. For example, in the name of democracy, human rights and liberty, the president of a country could choose to lead his nation to war, and all this for a transcendental idea. In this case, the government is the decision-maker, but the people of the country have to follow it and share the same values, like for example Churchill during the Second World War, who said that the only thing he could offer his nation was blood, labour, sweat and tears. And when these political figures lack this moral principal called courage, like Daladier in France during the Second World War, it allow people like Hitler to come to power. As Machiavelli argues in â€Å"The Prince†, â€Å"it is necessary for a prince who wishes to maintain his position to learn how not to be good† (----), which means that a Prince could be required to lie, betray, steal or kill if it secures the greatest happiness for the greatest number ofShow MoreRelatedThe Movie Crash Film Analysis1473 Words   |  6 PagesHollywood films always attach virtue to the well-off middle and upper classes this is not always the class. Media and Hollywood films are guilty of assigning privilege to some and strife to others, however, the characters in the movie Crash played by, Chris Bridges, Brenden Fraser, and Michael Pena all from different economic classes display different types of class and virtue. For reference, virtue is defined by Merriam-Webster as ‘conformity to a standard of right: morality’ and class as high qualityRead MoreMorality and Success Essay964 Words   |  4 Pagesa contradiction between our demand that our children be honest and moral persons and our demand that they be successful? Present the argument that there is a contradiction, and see if you can answer it. Morality has taken a backseat to success. Today’s parents preach the same line of virtues to their children as did their parents and many parents before them; be honest and work hard and good things will come to you. But today’s children are pressured to obtain their success, by their parentsRead MoreFeminist Thought and Ethics of Care Essay993 Words   |  4 Pagesimportant, is usually disregarded in the interests of the male partiality present in the male creators of many ethical theories. Gilligan examines the male justice perspective saying, From a justice perspective, the self as moral agent stands as the figure against a ground of social relationships judging the conflicting claims of self and others against a standard of equality or equal respect (cited in). The male moral perspective of justice is chiefly rooted in principles and rules, tending to denyRead MoreThe Rights Of A New Community1725 Words   |  7 Pagesbe. Consequently, to ensure that this rights theory to get valuable, the idea must be used in partnership with one more honourable theory that can constantly make clear this ambitions in the community. Virtue theory The advantage ethical principle idol judges anyone simply by his / her figure as opposed to simply by a action which could deviate via his / her typical actions. It takes the person s morals, name along with determination into consideration when status a silly along with irregularRead MoreThe Reprehensible Story Of The Enron Corporation1680 Words   |  7 PagesThe reprehensible story of the Enron Corporation’s rapid rise to success followed by their consequential disgraceful fall is one that has captivated the attention of the public for more than a decade. Not only was this scandal highlighted largely due to the widespread publication of the Enron Corp’s actions in the newspapers and television but must notably their substantial contradictory actions against not only basic ethics but Enron’s published Code of Ethics. Outlining the reputation of EnronRead MoreRomanticism In Victorian Childhood1653 Words   |  7 PagesRomanticism, Victorian England and the po rtrayal of Motherhood In the Victorian Era, British society experienced a division of the family dynamic into masculine and feminine roles; the husband attended to the public affairs, while the wife was expected to tend to the domestic matters of the home. The home took on symbolic importance in Victorian society, for it was a haven for the individual to express emotions and manners that couldn’t be expressed publicly. It was in the privacy of the home thatRead MoreNiccolo Machiavelli s The Prince1293 Words   |  6 Pagesduplicity. They were to appear virtuous and upright, but when the situation demanded the opposite, it was necessary for them to be willing to commit immoral acts and exercise their power. They could not deter from their tasks and duties by any means of morality. It was better for them to possess qualities of parsimony and those that instilled fear, than to be generous and to be loved. From Machiavelli’s point of view, if a ruler wanted to be praised and respected he woul d have to be as cunning as a foxRead MoreA Moral Life Through The Right1396 Words   |  6 Pagesapply to any concrete moral situation. The Role of Discernment The role of discernment is vital in any individual s life. It is a virtue that allows us to make good decisions, decisions that promote the right relationships. These relationships will lead us to obtaining the main objective of any moral life, which is human development. Discernment as a Virtue The word discernment is used by all types of people in different situations. Individuals who are discerned are said to perceive the complexityRead MoreThe Swedish Film Force Majeure Essay1672 Words   |  7 Pagessatisfy our unmistakable capacity as individuals, which is to live in accordance with reason. Virtue amounts to living in accordance with reason. While scholarly ideals (intellectual virtues) are found out from educating, the ethical temperances (moral virtues) must be created essentially through practice. Despite the fact that we can possibly create both vices and virtues, neither virtue nor vice is innate. Virtue relates both to how we feel and to how we act. A virtuous response is always balanced, fallingRead MoreSymbolism, Moral Ambiguity or Attitudes Toward Women in American Literature of the Period 1776-18601049 Words   |  5 Pagesresult, morality was largely based along gender lines and responsibilities towards others instead of being focused on the culture of sym bols, individual values and ideas. Materialism was largely used to construct gender aspects. Isecke (33) notes that materialism was largely relied on hence the overlooking of the important cultural system. As seen in my essay, the society contributed towards defying this norm through uplifting the state of woman, whereby she was viewed as an important figure in the

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