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Leadership and management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Leadership and management - Essay Example Palpably, Claire Fagin applies visionary leadership in her quest to research and establish a niche for the psychiatric nurse in the medical fraternity. She is an American academic, educator nurse and consultant who was born on 25 November 1926. Her academic credentials are a series of documents received from various universities in New York City including a Ph. D from the New York University, a Master’s degree in Nursing from the Columbia University and Bachelor’ s Degree in Science from the Wagner College. In her life, she has participated in programs involved in leading practice and thinking in education of nurses, geriatric nursing, policies of nursing and health, administration as well as leadership programs (Houser, Player and Sigma, 2004). Her career has involved covering major milestones and holding important posts. Between 1977 and 1992, Claire served on the University of Pennsylvania as the Dean of the School of Nursing before she joined the Institute of Medici ne, National Academy of Sciences as a scholar in Residence participating in geriatric nursing research (Houser et al 2004). The year 1993 was a good year for Fagin. She was Presidential Chair of the University of California, San Francisco, in the early weeks of the year. It was in the same year that she became the first woman Interim President in the Ivy League universities. She was the Interim President of University of Pennsylvania a post she held from July 1, 1993 until June 30 1994. In the same year that Claire held the office, she invested heavily on energy while contributing significantly to the University through program ms such as the Commission on Strengthening the Community (Houser et al 2004). A Democratic Leader Her leadership skills during the one-year term drew wide admiration and contributed to her being a Professor of leadership Emerita at the University of Pennsylvania. There are a number of styles incorporated by persons holding positions of leadership in group set tings of any scale. The ideas incorporated as well as the relationship between the leader and the members rely on the style applied by the leader. Claire Mintzer Fagin held a number of leadership posts in her long career (Houser et al 2004). The administration of her authority in these posts closely resembles the leadership style labeled democratic. According to Clark (2013), democratic style of leadership involves the participation and listening to the views of members of the group in the decision making process before the leader finally makes decisions. Clare encouraged the participation of the people in the organizations she managed. She believed and still does believe that communication using open channels is a key ingredient in the makeup of a successful leadership role administration (Houser et al 2004). Clare aimed to replace the atmosphere of distrust created by distance with a homely family-type environment in the university. Comparing Leadership Styles Based on the â€Å" Leadership Style Survey†, the delegate system of leadership scored highest in similarity to Claire Fagin’s leadership style. Participative leadership has been shown to increase employees’ motivation, feeling of power, and job performance in various countries and it has been reported as an effective leadership style for all cultures (Effects of participative, 2011). In contrast, delegate styles are the least effective of all three-leadership styles, which are authoritative,

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