Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Amelia Ferrari Composition 2 A. Gaffney March 13, 2014 Why You Should be in a Sport Imagine being part of a team and having a second family. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it. Well it is. My dance team is seriously like my second family and I would do almost anything for anyone of them. It takes more to being in a sport than you think. Athletes have to be extremely physically fit along with a lot of other great qualities, but it’s all worth it in the end. The great feeling you get when you win. The feeling of being part of something. It feels amazing and everyone should know what that feels like. It all pays off in the end. Everyone should be in a sport at least once in their life or at least try it for a little while. Being in a sport teaches children and teenagers sportsmanship and the importance of teamwork. â€Å"Being involved in sports gives children a chance to meet kids and families in the community they wouldn't have otherwise† (Franz). It shows them how to be supportive of their teammates and how to improve upon their social skills. Hopefully, your children will get plenty of...

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