Friday, June 21, 2019

Operation of ACAP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Operation of ACAP - Essay ExampleOne of the key intentions of the company is to remain consistent in what they are doing. The company started its exercise 40 years back with the aim of offering different type of connections and operate to the economically weaker section of the society and uplift their position. Strengthening the economical position of the individuals and their families is one of the key requirements of the firm. The organization offers a range of social services to the community. The services are generally provided to the people through their offices in Cohoes and Albany. Furthermore, the organization similarly offers its services from the early childhood development classrooms. The mission of the company is to work in partnership with the communities and families so as to empower people and achieve fiscal stability and lead a quality life. As the establishment continues to spread its wings in different places on earth, it also continues to diversify and expand t he services of the firm. Despite numerous changes the establishment has remained consistent in its mission and vision statement. This makes ACAP an exceptionally safe and accessible place for the individuals to find a better elbow room of life and a jubilant place for the employees where they can excel. Some of the key services provided by the establishment are as follows - ACAP provides comprehensive and centralized stomach services to the local people who are in need of it. ACAP brings together all community support systems that include nonprofit, governmental and corporate sector so as to offer benefits to each of its customers independently. ACAP constantly reports a computable impact on poverty in the neighboring communities. The establishment involves the community as salutary as the customers for the overall development of the society. ACAP also provides employment opportunities to a number of people and along with that it offers competitive wage and comprehensive benefits . Most importantly, it also offers biography growth opportunities to the employees (About Us). Services Offered by the Firm The organization is best known for providing a wide range of services to the individuals and communities. Apart from instantaneously offering services, it also initiates a number of other programs so as to create awareness among the target population. Some of the evident ones are child precaution services, early childhood procreation services, food pantry services, community action services, heraldic bearinger services, housing and energy services and tax assistance services. However, this essay go away only focus on the early childhood rearing services. Albany Community Action Partnership (ACAP) offers a number of options for the early child education in and around the Albany County. Each of the early childhood programs that are operated by ACAP maintains a strict adherence to the licensing regulations. This is instituted by NYS Department of Education and NYS world power of Children and Family Services. Furthermore, these programs not only meet the guidelines of the federal government, but often reach beyond the requirement of law so as to ensure comprehensive care and quality of the Albany County children and families. Some of the services offered by the company in the context of Early Childhood Education also include to and fro transportation to the education centers. The current locations through which the organization operates are Berne-Knox-Westerlo, Cohoes, Albany

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