Monday, June 17, 2019

Environment and society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Environment and society - Essay ExampleHowever, this may not affect the general public. Unwellnessy AQI, 150 t0 200 (red), has an association with health do upon the general public. Here, sensitive group members suffer more severe effects than others. Very unhealthy AQI, 201 to 300 (purple) comes with emergency conditions health warnings. This seems to affect the entire population. Maroon color (hazardous AQI- 301 TO 500) means health alert that can come with health effects upon all people.The current AQI, Friday November 01 2013 at 500 AM EST is good only if with some centrist AQIs in some states. There are too negligible drifter of Unhealthy for sensitive groups AQI (AirNow 1). We also have unhealthy AQI as a spot around Spokane. The forecast AQI is good with some spots of moderate AQI.The factors that could be responsible for the differences between the current National AQI and the forecast AQI could be particulate matter content of the air and the prevailing winds. The AQI intertwine shows a general green, good AQI with the extreme western part showing moderate AQI. The colors keep changing from time to time, but the general good, green AQI is maintained. The loop for ozone is green showing that the lower atmosphere is free of harmful ozone. PM loop although covered by green, good AQI, keeps changing in some parts. The observed difference is because ozone disruption or changes take a long time to be noticed.The AQI for Philadelphia is good with a value of 33 (AirNow 1). Current conditions are moderate with the health message to unusually sensitive people to avoid prolonged exertion. The map for ozone shows a general good condition with stability. The current PM for Philadelphia is good, but with moderate conditions to the western and southern parts.The process of carbon capture and sequestration takes place through three steps. These include capture of carbon dioxide from industrial processes and forcefulness plants (EPA 1). The captured carbon diox ide is then

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